How to prolong the life of lifting machinery?

November 15, 2022

Cranes are generally best placed in warehouses with flat and wide obstacles, so that they can be better maintained and managed. In fact, when the crane is not in use, management is also a very important thing, rather than just throwing it away. It is not conducive to the maintenance of crane performance and flexibility when re-operating. So how to manage them is a very necessary thing. How to manage the crane during the placement period? XJCM company combines our experience and focuses on the following points:

1. It is necessary to use a thicker layer of plastic bags to package it as a whole. That is to say, it is best not to leave the crane there at any time, and let it be exposed naturally. This is unfavorable, which requires us to Similar to the packaging management of automobiles, it is roughly to use thick plastic bags to package things other than tires as a whole, which can well protect them from some external damage and interference.

2. Carry out special personnel management, configure special personnel to inspect the crane from time to time and find problems, so that you can know in time whether there will be any problems during the placement period, so it is indeed a very important management measure, personnel Management is best to implement the on-duty system and technical management system, both normal management and technical guidance management.

3. Early warning and monitoring should be established, which is for the safety of the crane, to prevent illegal actions by other people with ulterior motives. You can also understand the storage situation through the monitor, so you can use information technology. subject to increased monitoring. These three points should be the basic management measures for a crane placement, except for different management of different cranes. If customers are interested, Please contact with Xuzhou Jiufa Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. to learn more. XJCM is waiting for you at any time.

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