1 ton Small Self Erecting Tower Cranes

XJCM brand small tower crane 1 ton to 4 ton feature is no need working on the high level during erecting and dismounting. No require professional operator, operating simply, mastering easily. Contact Us
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1 ton small self-erecting tower crane FAQ

Q: What is a self-erecting tower crane?

A:A self-erecting tower crane is a type of crane. It is designed for easy transport and installation on the job site. It usually has a small footprint and can be installed quickly. No separate crane is required for assembly.

Q: What is the lifting capacity of a 1 ton small self-erecting tower crane?

A:T tower crane would typically be able to lift loads up to 1 tons at a time.

Q: What are some of the advantages of a self-erecting tower crane?

A: Self-erecting tower cranes are designed to be easily transported and set up on a job site. They put little strain on the environment and can be installed in a matter of days. They’re also ideal for use in small spaces, tight corners and smaller workplaces. They are also designed to be operated by one person, with controls that are easy to use.

Q: What kind of construction tasks can a 1 ton small self-erecting tower crane be used for?

A: Self-erecting tower cranes can be used to perform a range of tasks. From lifting construction materials to positioning equipment and tools. They are perfect for small construction projects or for use in tight spaces where a larger crane would not fit.

Q: Are self-erecting tower cranes safe to use?

A: Yes, self-erecting tower cranes are equipped with a range of safety features. Such as overload protection and emergency stop buttons to keep construction workers safe. It is important to ensure that the crane is operated by a well-trained and experienced operator. To ensure safe and efficient use.


Category Item Unit Parameter
              Dimension Overall length mm 10260
Overall width mm 2210
Overall height mm 3040
Axle base mm 5260
Front tread mm 680
Rear tread mm 1870
      Weight Dead weight in travel state Kg 11420
    Axle load Front axle Kg 5200
Rear axle Kg 6220
          Drive Travel speed Max. travel speed Km/h 15
Turning radius Min. turning radius m 13
Min. ground clearance mm 230
Outrigger span in working state m 3.5*3.5
Swing radius at turntable tail m 2.52

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