12 Ton Multifunction Pipe Layer

XJCM's multifunction pipelayer adopts the excavator as chassis, its boom is telescopic, it is with pipe clamping device, its balance weight can move right & left and up & down and it has the following functions: pipe hoisting, pipe clamping, pipe transporting, pipe laying and excavating.
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A 12-ton multifunction pipe layer is a type of construction equipment use for laying pipelines of various sizes and materials. It is usually mounted on a tracked or wheeled transport vehicle. And has a pipelaying attachment that can handle pipes up to 12 tonnes.

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12 ton multifunction pipe layer Feature:

  1. Pipe-laying attachment: The pipe-laying attachment consists of a hydraulic arm and rollers that support the pipe during laying.
  2. Adjustable width: The width of the rollers can be adjusted to accommodate pipes of different sizes.
  3. Multi-function capabilities: In addition to pipe laying, these machines can also perform other tasks such as excavating, grading, and compacting soil.
  4. Operator cab: The operator sits in a cab located on the machine, which provides a clear view of the work area.
  5. GPS technology: Some modern pipe layers are equipped with GPS technology, which can help the operator lay the pipe accurately and efficiently.

12 ton multifunction pipe layer FAQ:

Q:What types of pipelines can the multifunction pipe layer lay?

A:Versatile pipe layers are designed for laying pipes of various sizes and materials. Includes water, sewage and gas pipes made of materials such as concrete, steel and PVC.

Q:What is the maximum pipe size that a 12-ton multifunction pipe layer can handle?

A:Versatile pipe layers can handle up to 12 tons. Maximum diameter pipe is approximately 48 inches (120 cm). The width of the rollers can be adjuste to accommodate smaller pipes.

Q:What other tasks can the multifunction pipe layer perform?

A:In addition to pipe laying, these machines can be us for other tasks such as excavating, grading, and compacting soil. Some models may also be equippe with additional attachments, such as hydraulic hammers for breaking up rock or concrete.

Q:What safety features are include in the multifunction pipe layer?

A:These machines are typically equipped with a range of safety features, including emergency shut-off switches, load moment indicators, and alarms to warn operators of potential hazards. The operator cab is also designed to provide good visibility of the work area.

Q:What qualifications are require to operate the multifunction pipe layer?

A:In most countries, operators of construction equipment such as pipe layers are require to be certify and licensed. They must undergo training and pass a series of exams to demonstrate their knowledge and competence in operating the machine safely and effectively.


NO.Technology specificationValues
2Kerb weight25T
3Standard bucket capacity0.3m3
4power of engine133KW
5rotation speed 2000r/min
6Slewing speed11.7r/min
7Max. travel speed (H/L) 5.2/3.5Km/h
8Grade-ability 35°
9Operating type Hydraulic servo
10Overall length 10400mm
11Overall width 3180mm
12Overall height (top of operator's cab)() 3000mm
13Min. ground clearance 480mm
14Turning radius at swing table tail 3100
15Max. digging height 11000mm
16Max. Digging radius10000mm
17Most suitable OD of pipe for hoisting 813mm
18Max. length of pipe for hoisting 12m
19Max. rated lifting load 12T
20Boom length 7200~11900mm
21Max. lifting height 12m
22Qty. of steel wire rope for hoisting 6
23Diameter of steel wire rope for hoisting 10mm
Radius (m)Base Boom length 7200mmMid-extend Boom length 9550mmFull-extend Boom length 11900mm
Lifting load (kg)Lifting load (kg)Lifting load (kg)
5.5 73007200
6 64506200
6.5 57005900
7  5500
8  4600
9  3900
10  3300

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