50 Ton Construction Knuckle Boom Rt Crane

RT50 rough terrain crane is a kind of telescopic boom and swing type crane which travels with tire type chassis. It is composed of the superstructure and undercarriage. The superstructure is the lifting part, composed of the telescopic boom, jib, main winch, aux. winch, luffing mechanism, etc.
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50 ton knuckle boom crane

A 50 ton knuckle boom crane is a type of crane design to lift and move heavy loads. Typically weighs up to 50 tons (45 metric tons). It has an articulate arm, which is an articulated crane arm that is make up of multiple parts. Can be fold and extended to reach greater distances.

XJCM rough terrain crane consists of special crane chassis and lifting operation device. Including power system, transmission system, suspension system, steering system, braking system, lifting, mechanism, booster mechanism, hydraulic system. and electrical systems. All XJCM rough terrain crane have Front-wheel steering,

rear-wheel steering ,four-wheel steering and crab steering,all-wheel drive, off-road performance ,suitable for off-highway travel.

 Working with fully extended outriggers, working with half extended outriggers, working with fully retracted outriggers, and working with outriggers are not resistant to traffic loads. The crane has good passability, dynamic performance and maneuverability. It can work in all directions and go with the crane. There are no outriggers.

XJCM RT 50 cranes are widely use in heavy-duty lifting operations, short-distance transfer, and lifting operations in narrow places. It is usually use in construction sites, open-air oil fields, warehouses, freight yards, logistics bases and other places.

50 Ton Construction Knuckle Boom Rt Crane Feature:

  1. Lifting Capacity: The crane is design to lift heavy loads up to 50 tons or 45 metric tons.
  2. Knuckle Boom: The crane has a knuckle boom or articulated crane arm, which is make up of several sections that can be fold and extended to reach different distances.
  3. Hydraulic System: The crane is power by a hydraulic system, which allows for precise and efficient control of the crane arm and lifting mechanism.
  4. Operator Cab: The crane has a cab where the operator can control the crane from a safe distance. The cab is usually equipped with various controls, displays, and safety features.
  5. Stabilizing Legs: The crane may have stabilizing legs or outriggers that can be extend to provide additional support and balance during lifting operations.
  6. Telescopic Boom: Some models may also have a telescopic boom, which allows for greater reach and flexibility in lifting operations.
  7. Wireless Remote Control: Some models may also have a wireless remote control, which allows for the crane to be operate from a distance, improving safety and convenience.

50 ton knuckle boom crane FAQ:

Q: What is the maximum lifting capacity of a 50 ton knuckle boom crane?

A: A 50 ton knuckle boom crane can lift up to 50 tons or 45 metric tons.

Q: What are some applications of a 50 ton knuckle boom crane?

A: 50 ton knuckle jib cranes are commonly use in the construction, mining and shipping industries. Used to complete various tasks. Examples include loading and unloading cargo, moving equipment and materials, and building large structures.

Q: How is the knuckle boom different from a straight boom?

A: The folding arm consists of multiple parts that can be fold and extend. Whereas the straight arm is a section that can only be extend in a straight line.

Q: What is the advantage of having stabilizing legs or outriggers on a knuckle boom crane?

A: Stabilizing legs or outriggers provide additional support and balance during lifting operations, which improves safety and stability.

Q: Can a 50 ton knuckle boom crane be operate remotely?

A: Certain models of 50 ton knuckle boom cranes may have a wireless remote control option. Allows the crane to be operate from a distance.


Category Items Unit Parameters
Outline Dimension Overall length mm 12880
Overall width mm 3080
Overall height mm 3625
Axle base mm 3950
Tread mm 2500
Weight Dead weight in travel state Kg 36140
Axle load Front axle Kg 19220
Rear axle Kg 16920
Power Engine rated output Kw (r/min) 198/2500
Engine rated torque N.m (r/min) 970/1200-1700
Travel Travel speed Max. travel speed Km/h 35
Turing radius Min. turning radius mm 6000
Turning radius at swing table tail mm 4860
Min. ground clearance mm 400
Approach angle ° 20
Departure angle ° 19
Braking distance (travel speed 30km/h) m ≤8.5
Max. grade ability % 50
Max. noise out of crane when accelerating dB (A) 88
Category Items Unit Parameters
Main Lifting Performance Parameters Max. total rated lifting load t 50
Min. rated working radius m 3
Max. load moment Base boom KN.m 1575
Fully extended boom KN.m 588
Fully extended boom+jib KN.m 300
Outrigger span Longitudinal m 6.75
Lateral m 7.1
Max. lifting height Base boom m 10.86
Fully extended boom m 32
Fully extended boom+jib m 47.6
Boom length Base boom m 10.25
Fully extended boom m 32
Fully extended boom+jib m 47
Jib installation angle ° 0, 30
Working Speed Parameters Boom derrick time Boom raising time s 55
Boom descending time s 90
Boom telescoping time Boom fully extended time s 65
Boom fully retracting time s 52
Max. swing speed r/min 2
Outrigger telescoping time Horizontal outriggers Extending synchronously s 12
Retracting synchronously s 12
Vertical outriggers Extending synchronously s 14
Retracting synchronously s 21
Hoisting speed(steel wire rope is at the 4thlayer) Main winch No load m/min 130
Auxiliary winch No load m/min 100

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