XDA45U articulated dump truck

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 XDA45U Articulated Dump Truck is designed for use in mining, quarry, water conservation, harbour,brown field and construction sites. It has a powerful drivetrain, superior hauling performance, excellent manoeuvrability and efficiency making it suitable for the wide range of applications. The product is designed to run continuously in an operating environment from -25 to 40℃ and meets Euro V emission standard.


Item Model Unit XDA45
 Size Specs  Overall length mmm 11070
Overall width mmm 3950
height mm 3846
 Front centre wheelbase mmm 4450
Rear centre wheelbase mm 1940
 Wheel center distance Front wheel mm 2700
Rear wheel mm 2700
 Weight Specs Total weight of the vehicle kg 75000
Rated load kg 41000
Unladen weight kg 34000
 Mass distribution Unladen Tront axle kg 17000(50%)
Rear axle kg 17000(50%)
 Fully loaded Tront axe kg 22500(30%)
Rear axle kg 52500(70%)
 Power Specs Engine model / Benz OM502
Rated engine power kW/rpm 350/1800
Maximum engine torquel Nm/rpm 2300/1300
Type of drive / 6x6
Tyre / 29.5R25
 DrivingSpecs  Maximum speed km/h 51
Minimum access circle radius mm 9275
Maximum gradient % 45
 Maximum steering anglel ±42
Minimum ground clearancel mmm 530
 Operating Specs Loading height mm 3272
Lifting time s 12
Lifing angle 70
Tank volume loading m3 19.5
2:1Stacking m 25

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