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boasts a full series of electrically driven dumptrucks ranging from 120 t to 360 t, which are mostlyapplied in construction of opencast mining andlarge-scale earthwork transporting, making meetdiverse mining and construction demands. Character-ized by exceedingly high transport efficiency, comfyoperability, low maintenance cost, and long service life,etc., products of this series are of large bearing capacity,firm structure, shockproof performance, and impactresistance, so they are the optimal choice for you in pur-chase of opencast mining and construction equipments.


Model UOM XDE240/260
 Driving Specs  Maximum speed km/h 64
turning diameter m 28.4
Maximum gradient % 17
Minimum ground dlearance mm 690
Operating Specs Loading height 6300
Liftingtime s 28
Lowering time 24
Tank volume Flatloading 3 m 118
Can be custonnised 2:1Stacking 148
Model UOM XD E240/260
Size Specs Overall length mm 14784
Overall width mm 9106
Overall height mm 7439/14450 (lifting)
Wheelbase mm 6350
 Mass Specs Gross vehicle mass kg 402000
Rated load kg 230000
Unladen vehide weight kg 172000
 Mass distibution  Unaden Front axle kg 86000(50%)
Rear axle kg 8600050%) 13266033%) 269340(676) MTU 16V4000C23R 1865/1800 4x2 50/80R57
 Fully loaded Fully loaded kg
Rear axle kg
 Power Specs  Other engines are availa ble Engine mode /
Rated engine power kW/r/mn
Drve type /
Tyres /

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