XDR80TE Pure electric mining truck

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XDR80TE Pure electric mining truck is intelligent and is designed to meet green and energy saving requirements of the mining industry and is oriented to global high-end mining markets. It is applied to open pit mines and large-scale earthwork transportation. It has fully achieved zero emission and zero pollution, has strong power and endurance mileage. It is featured with high efficiency, good energy conservation, low cost of maintenance and high safety coefficient. Meanwhile, it has a great adaptability and can show excellent performances in extreme working environments, like high and cold areas, hot regions and high altitudes. Compared with traditional fuel-powered vehicles, it has unparalleled advantages, is the best transportation equipment for open pit mining projects.


Category   Items   Unit   Parameters
  Dimension parameters   Overall length mm 9950
  Overall width mm 4250
  Overall height mm 4210
  Wheelbase mm 4350+1750
  Wheel center distance   Front wheels mm 3094
  Rear wheels mm 2980
  Weight parameters   Total weight kg 116000
  Rated load kg 72000
  No-load weight kg 44000
  Mass distribution   No load   Front axle % 40
  Rear axle % 60
  Full load   Front axle % 24
  Rear axle % 76
  Dynamic parameters / Motor Rated/peak power(kw) / 430/550
  Transmission Model / Fast 4E300
  Manipulartion / AMT
  Drive form / 6×4
  Battery kwh 525,CATL
  Tire / 16R25
  Driving parameters   Max. vehicle speed km/h 43
  Min. turning diameter m 28
  Max.gradeability % 30
  Min. ground clearance mm 348.5
  Working parameters   Loading height mm 3430
  Lifting time s 33
  Maintenance capacity   Hydraulic tank L 142
  Cooling system L 170
  Gear oil L 120
  Body capacity 2:1 2:1 Heaped m3 45

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