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(1) A full hydro-pneumatic suspension system is used to replace the traditional leaf spring structure. The front axle adopts a MacPherson independent suspension, which has excellent vibration damping and buffering performance, which greatly improves the force of the frame and increases the life of the frame. Reduce the torsional deformation of the frame, increase the life of the engine and gearbox, and reduce maintenance costs. The vibration of the whole machine is greatly reduced, and the driving comfort of the driver is improved. Completely solve the pain points of frequent breakage of the front suspension leaf spring in the industry, and improve the attendance rate of the whole machine;

(2) It adopts a fully welded steel frame and full penetration welding of key welds. It belongs to the classic mining car technology. It is more suitable for off-road mining conditions than the riveted frame of a wide-body car. It has an advanced design concept and high reliability.


Model Items  Unit XDR90T
 Size Specs Overall length mm 9296
Overall width mm 4338
Overall height mm 4549
Wheelbase mm 3800+1750
 Wheel center distance Front wheels mm 3086
 Rear wheels mm 2984
 MassSpecs Gross vehicle mass kg 121000
Rated load kg 81000
Unladen vehide weight kg 40000
 Mass distribution Unladen Front axle % 33
Rear axle % 67
 Fully loaded Front axle % 20
Rear axle % 80
 Power Specs  Other engines are available Engine model / YC6K560-GT30
 Rated engine power kW/r/min 412/1900
 Engine max. torque Nm/r/min 2000100
 Drive type / 6x4
Tyres / 16.00R29

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