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Large-scale open-pit mining construction, open pit mining, stripping transportation construction,excavation and transportation construction of waste rock, 200-700t mining excavator and90-360t mining dump truck can be selected to form a large-scale complete mining constructionmachine group.

1.Advanced independent temperature control cooling system can automati-cally control air volume according to oil temperature, save energy and reduce noise. Imported corrugated tube type cooling will improve the cooling efficiency.

2.Advanced hydraulic chassis tension system can greatly reduce the impact on road surface of mine area during travel, improve operation comfort and prolong service life of structural parts of whole machine.

3.Independent closed type rotating system can guarantee the unloading height on unloading conditions of rotating and meanwhile withdraw rotat-ing brake energy to save more energy consumption.


Items Unit Parameters
Operating Weight kg 300000
Bucket Capacity 15
Boom length mm 9000
Bucket rod length mm 4000
Engine Engine Cummins QSK50
Engine rated kW/rmp 1193/1800
Maximum torgue/rotational speed N.m 6835/1500
Displacement L 50.3
Overall  dimension Overall length mm 18170
Overall width mm 8007
Overall height mm 8470
Steering width mm 641 0
Track length mm 81 08
Chassis width mm 5900
Crawler width mm 1 000
Distance between tracks mm 6420
Track Gauge mm 4900
Ground clearance mm 2247
Minimum ground clearance mm 827
Tail least radius of xyration mm 6640
Track height mm 2165
Items Unit Parameters
Working Range Maximum digging height mm 15100
Maximum dumping height mm 9900
Maximum digging depth mm 8630
8 feet depth of horizonal excavation mm 8520
  Maximum vertical mining depth mm 3000
 Maximum digging radius mm 16400
Minimum swing radius mm 7980
Maximum ground digging radius mm 15845

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