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Self Loading and Unloading Sanitation Truck is a special garbage truck that automatically loads and unloads garbage. No human intervention is required at all. These trucks typically have a hydraulic lift system that allows them to pick up and dump large containers of waste, such as dumpsters or roll-off containers.These trucks usually have a hydraulic lift system. Allows them to pick up and dump waste in large containers, such as litter boxes or roll-on containers.

The automated loading and unloading process usually involves the sanitation truck backing up to the container. The container is then lifted and tilted over the truck’s hopper using its hydraulic lift system. The garbage inside the container then falls into the hopper and is compacted by the truck’s hydraulic system. Once the garbage has been compacted, the truck can move on to the next container and repeat the process.

Its autonomous loading and unloading capabilities enable the collection and processing of large volumes of waste quickly and efficiently. Can be used in large scale waste management operations. The automated system helps to reduce the need for manual labor, thereby saving time and money. It also helps improve safety, as sanitation workers are less at risk of injury. Otherwise they would need to manually lift and dump heavy waste containers.

Overall, self-loading sanitation vehicles are an important tool in the fight against waste and pollution.Waste management is an important part of modern life.

Self Loading and Unloading Sanitation Truck feature:

  1. Hydraulic Lift System: This is the most important feature of the truck, as it allows the truck to pick up and tilt large containers of waste over the hopper for automatic unloading.
  2. Compactor: Most self-loading and unloading sanitation trucks also feature a compactor, which compresses the waste as it is loaded into the truck. This helps to maximize the amount of garbage that can be transported in a single trip, and reduces the frequency of trips needed to dispose of waste.
  3. Automated Controls: The truck’s hydraulic lift system and compactor are typically controlled through automated systems, which allows the driver to operate the truck from inside the cab. This helps to improve safety and efficiency, as the driver does not need to leave the cab to operate the truck’s key features.
  4. Large Capacity: Self-loading and unloading sanitation trucks are typically designed with large capacity, to allow for the efficient disposal of large volumes of waste.
  5. Durable Construction: These trucks are built to withstand the heavy use and demanding conditions of waste management operations. They are typically made from sturdy materials and feature reinforced frames and components to ensure durability and reliability over time.

Self Loading and Unloading Sanitation Truck FAQ:

Q:How does a self-loading and unloading sanitation truck work?

A:The automatic loading and unloading sanitation vehicle uses a hydraulic lifting system to pick up large garbage containers. And tilt it above the hopper for automatic unloading. The waste is then compacted inside the truck, which allows for more efficient transportation and disposal.

Q:What are the benefits of using a self-loading and unloading sanitation truck?

A;Self-loading and unloading sanitation trucks offer a number of benefits over traditional garbage trucks. They can pick up and unload waste automatically, which reduces the need for manual labor and improves safety. They also have larger capacities, which means they can transport more waste in a single trip. Finally, they are more efficient because the waste is compacted inside the truck. This reduces the frequency of travel required to dispose of waste.

Q:What kind of waste can a self-loading and unloading sanitation truck handle?

A:These trucks can handle a wide variety of waste, including household garbage, commercial waste, construction debris, and more. They are designed to pick up and transport large containers of waste, which can be customized to fit specific needs.

Q:Are self-loading and unloading sanitation trucks environmentally friendly?

A:Self-loading sanitation trucks are more environmentally friendly than traditional garbage trucks. Because they are more efficient, they can transport more waste at one time. Additionally, the compaction function reduces the space required to transport waste. This reduces the number of trips required to dispose of waste.

Q:How much does a self-loading and unloading sanitation truck cost?

A:The cost of self-loading and unloading sanitation vehicles varies. Varies by make and model and any additional features that may be included. However, these trucks are generally more expensive than traditional garbage trucks, due to the specialized technology and features required for self-loading and unloading.


Dimension parameterOverall lengthmm7700
Overall widthmm2400
Overall heightmm3500
Front wheelbasemm1820
Rear wheelbasemm1750
Weight parametersOverall weightKg15800
Travel parametersTravel speedMax.travel speedKm/h90
Turning radiusMin.turning radiusm8
Min.ground clearancemm230
Classis parametersClassis modelDongfeng EQ5161TZZKJ
Engine modelYC4E160-42
Engine power118
driver's cabin capacity3
Emission standardEuro4
Working parametersWorking state outrigger span(m)4830
Volume of bucket body(m3)0.5
Bucket Max.working radius (m)6.2
Bucket Rotating Angle(m)360º continuation

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