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XJCM specialize in manufacturing large structures of construction machinery.Crane boom can use for XCMG ,XJCM truck crane and RT cranes.
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A crane jib is a horizontal structural component of a crane. It extends from the base of the crane, providing it with its lifting capacity. The jib consists of several parts. One of these parts is the boom, which is designed to be strong enough to lift heavy loads and lightweight so that it can be lifted easily. Some cranes have fixed booms that cannot be adjusted; other cranes have adjustable booms that can be configured to different lengths and angles. The jib is usually connected to the base by a pivot point; this allows the boom to rotate horizontally.

The boom is an important part of the crane. It must be used and maintained properly to ensure safety and efficiency. The manufacturer’s instructions should be followed, as should any safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

XJCM is a crane manufacturer with many years of experience in the field. Our main products include rough terrain cranes, truck cranes and mobile telescopic cranes. We also supply parts such as booms for XCMG cranes, XJCM cranes and other brands of cranes. As well as customized services with respect to your individual needs.

Crane Boom Feature:

  1. Telescoping sections: The length of a crane boom can be easily adjusted by retracting or extending its telescoping sections. This makes it possible for cranes to lift objects at different heights and distances.
  2. Load capacity: The load capacity of a crane boom will vary depending on the type of crane, as well as its length and angle. The maximum weight that the crane can safely lift and transport is called its load capacity.
  3. Hoist and winch: A boom may have a hoist and winch attached to it, which allows the crane to lift and lower objects. The hoist may be powered by electricity or hydraulics.
  4. Rotation: The boom is typically connected to the crane’s base by a pivot point, which allows it to rotate horizontally. This makes it possible for the crane to lift objects in different positions and directions.
  5. Safety features: To protect the operator and other workers on the job site, a crane boom typically has several safety features, including load limiters, anti-two block devices, and emergency stop buttons.
  6. Materials: Crane booms are typically made from high-strength steel or other durable materials.
  7. Maintenance requirements: To keep your crane boom in top shape, be sure to inspect it regularly, lubricate it as necessary and make any repairs that are required. This will help keep your equipment operating safely and efficiently.

Crane boom FAQ:

Q:What is the machine?

A:A crane’s machine is a horizontal structural component that extends from the base of the crane and provides it with lifting capability. It typically has several telescoping sections that can be adjusted to different lengths and angles.

Q:How long is the machine?

A:The length of a crane’s boom depends on its size and type. Most cranes have booms that are between 30 and 160 feet long, although some smaller cranes may have shorter booms, while larger cranes may have longer ones.

Q:How much weight can a crane boom lift?

A: The load capacity of a crane depends on several factors, including the type and size of the crane, as well as the length and angle of its boom. Some cranes can lift several hundred tons, while others can only lift a few thousand pounds.

Q:How is the machine controlled?

A: A crane operator typically uses a series of levers, buttons, and joysticks to control the boom’s movement. Some cranes also have computerized control systems that allow for more precise movements and lifts.

Q:What safety features does the machine have?

A: Crane booms are designed with several safety features, including load limiters and anti-two block devices. These features protect the operator and other workers on the job site.

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