The boom of the excavator falls repeatedly, check these places

November 24, 2022

It can be said that excavators can operate in various harsh construction environments, and the role of excavator accessories booms in its environment can be said to be crucial. However, excavator operators are often hampered by a thorny failure problem, that is the excavator’s arm dropping, self-falling and other failures.

Especially in the loading work, after a while, either the big arm is down or the bucket is overturned, operator is tired looking at it. When doing the leveling work with higher requirements, the unevenness is deeper and shallower, even the old driver will be angry particularly . So how to deal with this drop arm, let’s discuss with the editor!

Oil Port relief valve

First, check whether the oil port relief valve (safety valve) is worn or stuck. If you can’t see it, you can swap it with other oil port relief valves that don’t drop the arm, and you can try to see if it is good or bad. (Each cylinder has two actions and requires two port relief valves to be replaced together).

The oil seal of the oil cylinder of the dropped arm is damaged

Long-term high temperature of hydraulic oil or excavators with relatively long years, rubber parts such as oil seals are prone to aging and cracks, and severe cracks will lead to different problems in other actions. Do not ignore the damage to the oil seal of the excavator accessories cylinder.

holding valve

The holding valve generally only has the big arm and the forearm, so when the big arm or forearm is dropped, it is necessary to check the valve core of the holding valve separately, whether the spring is worn or the jamming problem caused by other foreign objects. If the fault persists after cleaning, it can be solved by replacing it.

Valve stem wear

The cylinder action valve hole corresponding to the distribution valve (main control valve) is blocked, the valve core is worn, the valve core clearance is too large, and the valve core is stuck. It is much more difficult to handle. Once the valve stem is worn or the valve hole problem occurs, not only the inspection is delayed, but the distribution valve assembly must be replaced in serious cases.

The failure of the excavator’s arm dropping is tantamount to a person’s right and left arm being broken. In the face of the urgent construction time, once the arm is dropped and the excavator breaks down, the construction period will be delayed in light, and the project money will be lost!

In fact, it is not impossible to fundamentally prevent the failure of the falling arm. This requires all machine operators to be careful in the daily construction process, carefully observe the status of the excavator, and maintain the excavation of various parts, and machine accessories. Because many faults are caused by small problems, if they are not dealt with, the faults will be big!

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