Travelling Tower Crane: Best Tool for Projects

10 10 月, 2023

When it comes to construction, innovation is a constant companion. One such marvel of modern engineering is the Travelling Tower Crane, a remarkable piece of heavy machinery that has revolutionized the industry. In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of Travelling Tower Cranes, exploring what types of construction projects they are suitable for and how they’re designed.

Suitable for a Range of Construction Projects: Travelling Tower Crane

Travelling Tower Cranes are well-suited for a variety of construction projects. They are particularly advantageous in urban settings, where space constraints demand innovative solutions. These cranes are often used in:

1. Skyscraper Construction: Travelling Tower Cranes are the go-to choice for building tall structures like skyscrapers. Their ability to rise alongside the building and move horizontally across the construction site ensures seamless operations.

2. Residential Buildings: In densely populated areas, where space is limited, these cranes can be easily repositioned as needed, making them ideal for constructing residential buildings.

3. Bridge and Infrastructure Projects: Travelling Tower Cranes can be positioned along the length of bridges and highways, facilitating the construction and maintenance of these critical structures.

4. Renovation Work: For renovation or retrofitting projects, these cranes are valuable for efficiently transporting heavy materials to higher floors without occupying precious ground space.

Design Plan of Travelling Tower Crane

Travelling Tower Cranes are engineered for mobility, adaptability, and safety. Here are some key design aspects:

1. Telescopic Boom: These cranes feature a telescopic boom that can be extended or retracted as needed. This allows for lifting loads at varying heights and distances.

2. Tower Structure: The crane is mounted on a vertical tower structure, which can be erected to reach the required height. The tower can be anchored to the ground or other structures for stability.

3. Slewing Mechanism: Travelling Tower Cranes have a rotating mechanism that allows the operator to position the load precisely. This feature is essential when working in confined spaces.

4. Counterweights: To maintain stability while lifting heavy loads, these cranes incorporate counterweights, which can be adjusted as necessary.

5. Remote Control: Many Travelling Tower Cranes are equipped with remote control systems, enhancing safety and precision by allowing operators to manage the crane from a safe distance.

Transporting Loads with Precision: Travelling Tower Crane

One distinguishing feature of Travelling Tower Cranes is their ability to move with a load. Traditional tower cranes are stationary, limiting their range. In contrast, Travelling Tower Cranes can relocate themselves along tracks or on wheels, even while carrying heavy materials. This remarkable feature allows for a more efficient workflow on construction sites, as it eliminates the need to dismantle and reassemble the crane at different locations.

This unique mobility feature is a game-changer in projects like bridge construction, where the crane can move along the length of the structure as it progresses. It also enhances safety by reducing the need for personnel to manually handle loads or operate additional machinery for transportation.

Towering Heights: The Mobile Tower Crane’s Tower Height

When it comes to tower cranes, height matters. XJCM mobile tower cranes are designed to reach impressive heights. Making it ideal for skyscraper construction and other high-rise buildings. Tower height varies by model, typically ranging from 30 m (98 ft) to 80 m (262 ft). This towering height provides the necessary reach for lifting heavy loads and placing them precisely where they are needed.

The advantage of such towering heights is clear – it allows construction teams to work at various levels without needing to disassemble and relocate the crane constantly. This not only saves time but also increases the overall efficiency of the construction process.

Mobility and Convenience: Travelling Tower Crane

What sets the XJCM Travelling Tower Crane apart is its mobility. Unlike traditional fixed tower cranes, this mobile crane is mounted on wheels or tracks, giving it the ability to move around the construction site with ease. It is a cost-effective solution, as it eliminates the need to rent multiple cranes for different areas of the site.

The crane’s mobility allows it to be positioned in different locations. Offering the versatility to handle a variety of tasks on construction sites. This adaptability is particularly useful in urban environments where space is limited. Making it the first choice for projects in densely populated areas.

The Load Dilemma: Can a Mobile Tower Crane Travel with a Load?

One of the most intriguing questions regarding mobile tower cranes is whether they can travel with a load. The short answer is yes, but there are limits to the load capacity while in motion.

The XJCM Travelling Tower Crane is designed to lift and transport heavy loads, but it’s crucial to understand that it must adhere to strict safety guidelines. The load capacity during movement is significantly lower than when stationary. Therefore, any load being transported must fall within the crane’s specified limits, which are set by the manufacturer.

Moreover, the crane operator’s skill and experience play a pivotal role in determining whether it’s safe to move a load. They must assess the load’s weight, shape, and terrain of the construction site to make informed decisions about transporting it while ensuring everyone’s safety.

XJCM: A Trusted Travelling Tower Crane Manufacturer

Xuzhou JIufa Construction Machinery Group (XJCM) is a well-known manufacturer of Travelling Tower Cranes. Their cranes are recognized for their quality, durability, and innovative design. XJCM’s commitment to engineering excellence ensures that its cranes meet the highest industry standards and can handle the demands of various construction projects.


Travelling Tower Crane is a vital innovation in the construction industry, offering a solution to the challenges of lifting and transporting heavy materials at great heights. Their suitability for a wide range of projects, advanced design, and mobility with heavy loads make them indispensable tools for modern construction. XJCM, as a reputable manufacturer, continues to play a crucial role in advancing the capabilities of these impressive machines, shaping the future of construction.

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