100 Ton Construction Machine Rt Crane For Sale

XJCM heavy rough terrain crane RT100 has good traffic-ability, dynamic performance and mobility, and is able to operate in every direction and travel while hoisting without outriggers.
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A 100 ton crane is a heavy duty crane. Capable of lifting up to 100 tons (200,000 lbs). These cranes are used in various industries . Such as construction, mining, oil and gas, and shipping for tasks such as lifting large equipment, materials, and shipping containers.

A 100 ton crane typically has a hydraulic boom. Its length can vary from about 150 feet to over 300 feet. Depending on the model and application. Cranes are usually mounted on a mobile platform. such as a truck or tracked crawler. This can be moved between job sites and positioned to perform lifting tasks.

Operating a 100 ton crane requires specialized training and certification, as it involves complex machinery and potentially hazardous work environments. Cranes of this size are usually operated by highly skilled and experienced crane operators. They follow strict safety protocols to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the operation.

RT 100 have feature as follows:

Front-wheel steering, rear wheel steering, four wheel steering and crab steering, all wheel drive, off-road performance, suitable for off-highway travel.

Fully extended outriggers operation, with semi-stretch outriggers operation, without outriggers operation and traveling with load operation can be realized.

Traveling with load

It has the same Lifting performance with truck crane and crawler crane: with outrigger operating, without operating and traveling with load.

Strong gradeability

Max.gradeability: 30°

Excellent off road traveling and good dynamic performance

Adopting traditional four-wheel drive technology, hydraulic torque convector technology and large transmission ratio technology for improving the dynamic performance when low speed travel.

Electric control four wheel steering technology

Varies of steering types, two way driving for good mobility, Small turning radius for narrow site operating.

100 ton crane FAQ

Q: What is the maximum lifting capacity of a 100 ton construction machine crane?

A: As the name suggests, the machine is capable of lifting up to 100 tons or 200,000 pounds of weight.

Q: What industries use 100 ton construction machine cranes?

A: 100 ton cranes are used in a wide range of industries including construction, mining, oil and gas, shipping, and transportation.

Q: How is a 100 ton crane construction machine transported?

A: 100 ton construction machine cranes are typically mounted on mobile platforms such as trucks or crawlers, which allows them to be moved between job sites.

Q: How is a 100 ton crane operated?

A: Operating a the machine requires specialized training and certification, as it involves complex machinery and potentially hazardous work environments. Crane operators follow strict safety protocols to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the operation.

Q: How high can a 100 ton crane lift?

A: The height a the machine can lift depends on the model and configuration of the crane. However, they can typically lift to heights of over 300 feet.


Category Items Unit Parameters
  Overall length mm 15000
Outline Dimension Overall width mm 3350
Parameters Overall height mm 3800
  Axle base mm 4650
  Tread mm 2520
Weight Parameters Dead weight in travel state Kg 56000
Axle load Front axle Kg 23800
Rear axle Kg 26000
Power Parameters Engine rated output Kw (r/min) 228/2100
Engine rated torque N.m (r/min) 1200/1000~1700
 Travel Parameters Travel speed Max. travel speed Km/h 38
Turning Radius Min. turning radius mm 7675
Turning radius at swing table tail mm 4680
Min. ground clearance mm 530
Approach angle ° 20
Departure angle ° 20
Braking distance m ≤8.5
Max. grade ability % 65
Max. outside noise during accelerating dB(A) 88
Category Items Unit Parameters
Main Lifting Performance Parameters Max. total rated lifting load t 100
Rated working radius m 3
Max. load moment Base boom KN.m 2627
Fully extended boom KN.m 1133
Fully-extended boom + Jib KN.m -
Outrigger span Longitudinal m 7.75
Lateral m 7.6
Lifting height Base boom m 12.5
Fully extended boom m 45.5
Fully-extended boom + Jib m 63.5
Boom length Base boom m 12
Fully extended boom m 46
Fully-extended boom + Jib m 46+18.5
Jib installation angle ° 0, 30
Working Speed Parameters Boom derricking time Boom raising time s 85
Boom descending time s 85
Boom telescoping time Boom fully extended time s 125
Boom fully retracting time s 95
Max.swing speed r/min 2.5
Outrigger telescoping time Horizontal outriggers Extending synchronously s 30
Retracting synchronously s 25
Vertical outriggers Extending synchronously s 35
Retracting synchronously s 37
Noload m/min 120
Noload m/min 120

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