50 Ton Truck Crane

XJCM brand 50 ton truck crane use HOWO chassis,QY50 is the famous product in XJCM company.It has high work efficiency.
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The 50 Ton Mounted Truck Crane:

A 50 ton truck mounted crane is a type of heavy equipment. For lifting and moving heavy objects on construction sites, industrial areas and other heavy duty applications. It consists of a truck-mounted crane with a lifting capacity of 50 tons or 100,000 pounds.

The crane is mounte on a truck chassis, making it easy to move from one location to another. Cranes are usually power by diesel engines. And has a hydraulic system that powers the boom and other components of the crane. The jib is ma of steel and can be extended to different lengths. Enables the crane to lift objects to different heights and distances.

A 50-ton mounte truck crane is capable of lifting heavy objects such as construction materials, heavy machinery, and shipping containers. The operator can control the crane using a cab located on the truck. The boom and other parts of the crane can be manipulate using the control panel.

The company:

XJCM truck crane’s technology is mature. Also we have best price and good after sale service.

XJCM’s truck crane adopts the famous brand chassis. The drive cab and operator cab are separate. The crane advantages was good mobility, high reliability .

The company’s QY12-130-ton series truck cranes adopt domestic high-end general-purpose chassis. Adhere to independent innovation and adopt PLC programmable integrated control technology in a large area. The quality is reliable and the maintenance is convenient, which is well receive by customers.

Starting from 2020, the R&D Department of XJHI began to design the superstructure of truck cranes for foreign customers. According to the chassis of different brands and specifications, we insist on designing the most suitable model for each customer. They will make more efforts in the field of manufacturing truck cranes in future.

50 Ton Truck Crane feature:

  1. Lifting capacity: The crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 50 tons or 100,000 pounds, making it suitable for lifting heavy loads.
  2. Boom length: The crane’s boom can extend to different lengths, ranging from 30 to 150 feet or more, depending on the manufacturer and model.
  3. Hydraulic system: The crane’s hydraulic system powers the boom and other components, providing smooth and efficient operation.
  4. Control panel: The crane is operated from a control panel located in the truck’s cab, allowing the operator to control the crane’s movement and functions.
  5. Stabilizers: The crane is equipped with stabilizers that provide stability and prevent it from tipping over during lifting operations.
  6. Counterweight: The crane may have a counterweight to balance the load and prevent the crane from tipping over.
  7. Wireless remote control: Some models may come with wireless remote control, allowing the operator to control the crane’s functions from a distance.
  8. Telescopic jib: Some models may have a telescopic jib that extends the crane’s reach and lifting capacity.
  9. Outriggers: The crane may have outriggers to provide additional stability during lifting operations.
  10. Multiple steering modes: The truck may have multiple steering modes, making it easier to maneuver in tight spaces.

50 Ton Mounted Truck Crane FAQ:

Q:What is the truck crane use for?

A:The truck crane is use for lifting and moving heavy loads in construction sites, industrial areas, and other heavy-duty applications.

Q:How do you operate a 50-ton mounted truck crane?

A:The truck crane is operate from a control panel located in the truck’s cab. The operator controls the movement of the crane using the control panel. Examples include extending and retracting booms and rotating cranes.

Q:How much does the truck crane weigh?

A:The weight of a truck crane depends on the make and model. But can weigh 50,000 to 70,000 lbs or more.

Q:How far can the truck crane reach?

A:The truck crane can reach different distances depending on the length of its boom. Typically, the truck crane can reach up to 150 feet or more.

Q:What safety precautions should be take when operating the truck crane?

A:Operators should be trained and certified to operate the crane. They should follow proper safety procedures to prevent accidents and injuries. The crane should be inspected before use, and the load should be properly secured. The operator should also avoid overloading the crane and should follow the manufacturer’s recommended operating procedures.


Item Unit QY10 QY12 QY16 QY25A QY30
 Max.toal rated lifting load t 10 12 16 25 30
 Min.working radius m 3 3 3 3 3
 Engine power Kw 118 118 199 206 206
 Max.travel speed Km/h 90 90 90 110 110
 Base boom length m 7.9-24.6 9.9-31.23 9.9-31.2 10.5-40 10.5-40
 Jib length m 5.4 5.45 8 7.3 7.3
 Max.lifting height m 30.5 36 39 48.2 48.2
 Max.working radius m 20 24 24 31.16 31.16
Item Unit QY50 QY60 QY75 QY80 QY100
 Max.toal rated lifting load t 50 60 75 80 100
 Min.working radius m 3 3 3 3 3
 Engine power Kw 248 248 248 268 268
 Max.travel speed Km/h 110 110 90 90 90
 Base boom length m 11.3-42.5 11.6-43.6 11.9-42.5 12-46 13.2-50
 Jib length m 8.4-15 10.1-18.5 10.5-18.5 10.5-18.5 12.5-22.5
 Max.lifting height m 58.2 62.5 63 63.5 72
 Max.working radius m 32 40 40 41 43

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