Vertical shaft impact crusher

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Verticalshaftimpactcrusheriscommonlyusedinthefinecrushingofvariousrocks,withalargecrushingratio,high efficiency,excellentproductshape,highsandrate,etc.Itiswidelyusedinthefieldofhighspeedrailways,highways, nuclear power, bridges and other high-quality sand and gravel aggregates.

The optimised crushing chamber s tructur e can quickly achieve the conver sion of ” stone to stone” and ” stone to ir on”, with wider ada ptabil ity to wor king conditions;

The r otor speed is adjustable to meet the needs of differ ent m ater i als cr ushing, with l ar ger crushing ratio and better par ticle shape;

The r otor adopts multi-outle t design, which impr oves the pr obability of mater i al im pac t i n the crushing pr ocess , with r emarkable r es ults in ener gy s aving and grain shape;


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