XDE100S electric drive sprinkler mining water truck

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electric-drive watering cart is a kind of multi-purpose watering cart which is researched and developed successfully based on the technology of elec-tric-drive dump truck chassis. It can be used for dust suppression, firefighting, flushing muck pile and industrial water transmission in large open pit mines, construction machinery and hydraulic engineering. This product has various kinds of operating forms including all-round watering, high and low watering, gravity watering and water cannon. It possesses the advantages of great adapt ability, high efficiency and reliability, adjustable watering volume, long mileage of continuous spraying and easy operation.

  Adopting the strong inside water-cycling anti- freez-ing measures can effectively prevent the freeze in low temperature and ensure that the cart can work flexibly in high-cold areas.


 Model Unit XDR100S
 Size Specs  Overall length mm 10400
Overall width mm 7200
Overall height mm 6000
Wheel base mm 4580
 Mass Specs Gross vehicle mass kg 160500
Rated load kg 86000
Unladen vehicle weight kg 74500
 Mass distribution  Unladen  Front axle kg 49
 Rear axle kg 51
 Fully loaded  Front axle kg 33
 Rear axle kg 67
 Power Specs Engine model / Cummins QST30
Rated engine power kW/r/min 783/2100
 Tyre / 27. 00R49
Working parameters  Filling height mm 5900
Sprinkling width m 15-30
Sprinkling mileage km 10-15
 Water tank volume range of water cannon m 60
Rated loading volume 90
Actual effective volume 86

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