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25-Ton, 30-Ton, 50-Ton, And 100-Ton Ton Mobile Crane just for you.

With twenty years of experience, XJCM is a reputable manufacturer of large structural parts and mobile cranes with capacities of twenty, thirty, fifty, and one hundred tons.

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10 Types of Mobile Cranes

Cnxjcm's equipment has a high level of stability and it offers prompt, dependable services. I like using the Cnxjcm Mobile Crane equipment as an operator., we can manufacture the products you need!

70 Ton Mobile Rough Terrain Crane

20 Ton Mobile Crane

30 Ton Mobile Crane

30 Ton Mobile Crane

50 Ton Mobile Crane

50 Ton Mobile Crane

100 Ton Mobile Crane

100 Ton Mobile Crane

Why choose Xjcm Mobile Crane?

  • 24h customer service online service
  • SUPPLY CHAIN: Mature supply chain and after-sale service
  • PRICE: Reliable product but competitive price
  • The company has mature production technology and reliable product quality
  • 1-year warranty, 7×24 hours after-sales service

25-Ton Mobile Crane

25-Ton Mobile Crane

30-Ton Mobile Crane

30-Ton Mobile Crane

50-Ton Mobile Crane

50-Ton Mobile Crane

100-Ton Mobile Crane

100-Ton Mobile Crane

Wealth Of Mobile Crane Manufacturing Experience

Mobile crane manufacturing combines advanced engineering and technology, focusing on safety, efficiency, and robustness. It involves precision design, selection of high-quality materials, and integration of sophisticated hydraulic systems. Rigorous testing ensures compliance with safety standards, resulting in reliable, powerful, and user-friendly cranes, reflecting a blend of traditional engineering and modern innovation.

Of course, we need to charge the mold fee for making the mold for the customized exclusive mold.

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Complete Qualify Insepction System

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Efficient And Fast Delivery

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Professional Sales Team

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Quick After-Sale Service

Mobile Crane Factory Direct-Sale Service


Factory Direct-Sale Service

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Standard OEM / ODM

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What is a mobile crane

A mobile crane is a type of crane that can be transported easily to various locations for lifting tasks. It combines the lifting capability of a crane with the mobility of a truck.


What are the different types of mobile cranes?

Common types include all-terrain cranes, rough-terrain cranes, truck-mounted cranes, and crawler cranes, each designed for specific conditions and tasks.


How much weight can a mobile crane lift?

The lifting capacity varies widely depending on the model, ranging from a few tons to hundreds of tons.


What factors determine the lifting capacity of a mobile crane?

What factors determine the lifting capacity of a mobile crane?


How is a mobile crane operated safely?

Safe operation involves proper training for operators, adherence to safety guidelines, regular maintenance, and thorough planning of lifting operations.

mobile cranes

Mobile Crane Manufacturer Advantages

Xuzhou Jiufa Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (XJCM), a shareholding company founded in 2002, has an investment capital of RMB76 million. 53 thousand square meters make up the total area of our company, of which 38 thousand are devoted to workshops.


Mobile Crane Type Selection

The panoramic banner image shows a range of mobile cranes, including 25-ton, 30-ton, 50-ton, and 100-ton models, in a construction site environment. A dynamic construction site with workers, cars, and under-construction buildings set against a clear blue sky serves as the backdrop for each crane, which is prominently shown and in use.


Can mobile cranes operate on uneven terrain?

Certain types, like rough-terrain cranes, are specifically designed to operate on uneven surfaces.

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How is a mobile crane transported to a site?

Most mobile cranes can be driven to a site if they're road-legal, while larger models might need to be transported in sections and assembled on-site.


What industries commonly use mobile cranes?

They are widely used in construction, manufacturing, transportation, and energy sectors for various lifting tasks.


How do environmental conditions affect mobile crane operation?

perations can be impacted by wind, rain, and other weather conditions, requiring careful planning and sometimes postponement for safety.

mobile cranes

What maintenance do mobile cranes require?

Regular maintenance includes hydraulic system checks, structural inspections, and ensuring all controls are functioning properly.

For our work, a 50-ton mobile crane is required. After searching for numerous organizations, we were unable to locate any with real factories until we discovered Xjcm, which satisfies all of our needs.


Purchasing Engineer

We've been searching for a suitable mobile crane for our project and have explored numerous companies. However, we struggled to find one with an actual physical manufacturing facility until we discovered Xjcm. Xjcm not only fulfills our specific needs but also boasts considerable expertise in mobile crane production. Additionally, we are impressed with the exceptional quality of their products.


CEO Analyst

In our search for a mobile crane for our operations, we've evaluated several companies. However, we were unable to find any with an actual production facility until we came across Xjcm. Xjcm stands out as it perfectly aligns with our needs. Additionally, their extensive experience in manufacturing mobile cranes is evident in the high quality of their products.


CTO Analyst

Our project requires a mobile crane, and after searching through various companies, we struggled to find one with a tangible manufacturing presence. That changed when we discovered Xjcm, which not only meets our specific needs but also offers a wealth of experience in mobile crane manufacturing. Impressively, the quality of their products is exceptionally good.

William Sears

General manager

Jake Mobile Crane Engineer
customer service
  • How To Order 100-Ton Mobile Crane

    To order a 100-ton mobile crane, start by identifying reputable manufacturers or suppliers. Contact them to discuss specific requirements, including capacity, features, and pricing. Request quotes, compare options, and finalize your choice. Complete the purchase process by signing a contract, arranging payment, and coordinating delivery logistics to your site.

  • How To Ship 30-100 Ton Ton Mobile Crane

    Shipping a 30-100 ton mobile crane involves coordinating with specialized transportation services. Ensure the crane is disassembled if necessary, securely loaded onto heavy-duty trailers, and properly secured. Obtain necessary permits for oversized loads, plan a route considering weight limits and road conditions, and arrange for professional escort vehicles if required.

  • 30-100 TON TON MOBILE CRANE Certificate

    For a 30-100 ton mobile crane, certification typically includes compliance with industry standards like OSHA in the U.S. or ISO internationally. It requires passing safety and operational inspections, meeting specific manufacturing standards, and often includes operator certification to ensure safe handling. Regular re-certification is necessary to maintain these standards.

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