50 Ton Rough Terrain Crane

XJCM four wheels rt 50 ton rough terrain mobile crane is a kind of telescopic boom and swing type crane which travels with tire type chassis.It's a popular model.We can supply white and yellow colors
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The 50 ton rough terrain crane is a heavy duty mobile crane. Designed for working on rough terrain like construction sites or off-road locations. It usually has a lifting capacity of up to 50 tons. And can lift loads to heights of approximately 140 feet or more. It depends on the length and angle of the boom. The crane is power by a diesel engine. Equipped with four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering, it is capable of driving over rough terrain and obstacles. The chassis is usually mounte on large, pneumatic tires or tracks for added stability and traction. The crane is operate from a cab locate on top of the chassis. The cab contains controls for the boom, hoist and other operating functions. Safety features such as overload protection and stability monitoring systems are also typically include.

China Low Cost Construction 50 Ton Rough Terrain Crane For Sale​

XJCM rough terrain crane consists of a special crane chassis and hoisting operating device including power system,transmission system,suspension system,steering system,braking system,hoisting ,mechanism,amplitude mechanism,hydraulic system,electrical system and other components. All XJCM rough terrain crane have Front-wheel steering,

rear-wheel steering ,four-wheel steering and crab steering,all-wheel drive, off-road performance ,suitable for off-highway travel.

Working with fully extended outriggers, working with half extended outriggers, working with fully retracted outriggers, and working with outriggers are not resistant to traffic loads. The crane has good passability, dynamic performance and maneuverability. It can work in all directions and go with the crane. There are no outriggers.

XJCM RT 50 cranes are widely use in heavy-duty lifting operations, short-distance transfer, and lifting operations in narrow places. It is usually use in construction sites, open oil fields, warehouses, freight yards, logistics bases and other places.

50 Ton Rough Terrain Crane Features

50 Ton Rough Terrain Crane FAQ:

Q: What is a rough terrain crane?

A: Rough terrain crane is a kind of mobile crane. Designed to operate on unimproved or uneven surfaces such as construction sites, oil fields or off-road locations. They are often equippe with four-wheel drive and are able to navigate rough terrain and obstacles.

Q: What is the lifting capacity of the rough terrain crane?

A: As the name suggests, the rough terrain crane is capable of lifting loads up to 50 tons in weight.

Q: How high can the rough terrain crane lift?

A: The maximum height a rough terrain crane can lift depends on several factors. These include the length of the boom, the angle of the boom, and the weight of the load being lifte. Typically, the rough terrain crane can lift loads to a height of around 140 feet (42 meters) or more.

Q: How fast can the rough terrain crane travel?

A: The speed of rough terrain crane will depend on the model and the terrain it is operating on. In general, rough terrain cranes have a top speed of about 25-30 miles per hour (40-48 kilometers per hour) on slippery ground. Lower speeds are possible on rough terrain.

Q: What types of projects are 50 ton rough terrain cranes typically used for?

A: 50 ton rough terrain cranes are commonly used in the heavy-duty industry for lifting and moving heavy loads over uneven terrain. Commonly used in construction, oil and gas exploration, and other related industries. They can be use for example for lifting and placing steel beams. Tasks like lifting equipment onto buildings and moving heavy machinery.

50 Ton Rough Terrain Crane-1
50 Ton Rough Terrain Crane-2


Item unit RT10 RT20 RT30 RT35 RT50 RT55
 Max.toal rated lifting load t 10 20 30 35 50 55
 Min.working radius m 3 3 3 3 3 3
 Engine power Kw 89 140 169 169 198 198
 Max.travel speed Km/h 50 40 40 40 40 40
 Base boom length m 7.9-24.6 9.9-31.2 9.9-31.2 10-31.5 10.25-32 9.6-35
 Jib length m / / 7.3 15 8.4-15 9.0-15
 Max.lifting height m 24.2 30.7 36 46 47.6 51
 Max.working radius m 20 28 29 30.05 30 31.49
Item unit RT60 RT75 RT80 RT100 RT130 RT160
 Max.toal rated lifting load t 60 75 80 35 130 160
 Min.working radius m 3 3 3 3 3 3
 Engine power Kw 198 198 228 228 228 228
 Max.travel speed Km/h 35 40 38 38 35 35
 Base boom length m 11.6-43.6 10.23-37 12-46 12.5-46.5 13.2-50 13.5-50.5
 Jib length m 10.5-18.5 9.35-16.05 10.5-18.5 10.5-18.5 12.5-22.5 12.5-22.5
 Max.lifting height m 62.69 52.6 63.5 65 72 73
 Max.working radius m 37 32.8 38 38.4 44 44.5

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