XJCM 35 ton Mobile Rough Terrain

Main features of RT35 Front-wheel steering, rear-wheel steering, four-wheel steering and crab steering, all-wheel drive, off-road performance, suitable for off-highway travel.
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A 35 ton mobile crane is a type of heavy equipment. Used in construction, manufacturing and other industries for lifting and moving heavy objects or materials. As the name suggests, it has a lifting capacity of 35 tons. That means it can lift up to 35,000kg (or 77,162lbs).

A mobile crane is a crane mounte on a mobile platform or chassis. It can be easily move from one location to another. This type of crane is often use on construction sites. Because it can be install and removed quickly and easily. Ideal for projects requiring frequent relocations.

The operation of mobile cranes requires training in the safe use of the equipment. The operator uses a series of controls to steer the crane. Includes levers, pedals and switches to lift and move heavy objects.

The maximum lifting capacity of a mobile crane may vary due to boom length, radius and other factors. In addition, the stability of the crane must be carefully assessed. To ensure that it can safely handle the weight of the load being lifted.

RT35 rough terrain crane is Suitable for narrow space travel and operations; small turning radius; strong maneuverability.
With a safe and reliable control system, two or one are optional. All-round lifting operation greatly enhances the front lifting capacity.

Performance of RT rough terrain cranes:

Traveling with load

It has the same lifting performance as truck cranes and crawler cranes. That is, the outriggers work, do not work, and walk with load.

Strong climbing ability

Maximum climbing degree of 30°

Excellent off road traveling and good dynamic performance

It adopts traditional four-wheel drive technology, hydraulic torque convection technology, and large transmission ratio technology. To improve the power performance at low speed.

Electric control four wheel steering technology

Varies of steering types, two way driving for good mobility, Small turning radius for narrow site operating.

35 ton mobile crane Feature:

  1. Lifting capacity: As mentioned earlier, the crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 35 tons (or 70,000 pounds).
  2. Boom: The crane has a telescopic boom that can be extended and retracted as needed. The length of the boom can vary depending on the model, but typically ranges from 30 to 110 feet.
  3. Jib: Some mobile cranes may come with a jib attachment, which allows for additional reach and flexibility when lifting.
  4. Counterweights: The crane is equipped with counterweights that help to balance the weight of the load being lifted and keep the crane stable.
  5. Outriggers: The crane has outriggers, which are extendable legs that provide additional stability and support when the crane is in operation.
  6. Cab: The crane operator works from a cab located at the top of the crane, which provides a good view of the work area and allows for precise control of the crane.
  7. Control system: The crane is operated using a series of hydraulic controls that allow the operator to lift and move heavy loads with precision and ease.
  8. Safety features: Mobile cranes are equipped with various safety features, such as limit switches that prevent the crane from operating outside its safe working range, and alarms that warn the operator of potential hazards. Additionally, the crane may be equipped with cameras and other sensors to help the operator see the work area and avoid accidents.

35 ton mobile crane FAQ:

Q: What kind of materials can a 35 ton mobile crane lift?

A: A 35-ton mobile crane can lift a variety of materials. Includes steel beams, precast concrete elements, generators, HVAC units, and other heavy equipment used in construction, manufacturing, and other industries.

Q: How high can a 35 ton mobile crane lift?

A: The height that a 35 ton mobile crane can lift depends on the length of the jib and jib. And other factors such as lifting angle and radius. Typically, a 35-ton mobile crane can lift material to a height of several floors or more. It depends on the condition and configuration of the crane.

Q: How much does a 35 ton mobile crane weigh?

A: The weight of a 35 ton mobile crane varies by model and configuration. But usually it weighs between 60,000 and 80,000 lbs.

Q: What kind of training is required to operate a 35 ton mobile crane?

A: Operating a 35 ton mobile crane requires specialized training and certification to ensure safe and effective operation. The training typically covers topics such as crane setup, load calculations, rigging, and safety procedures. The operator must also have a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL) and comply with all applicable regulations.

Q: How do I rent or purchase a 35 ton mobile crane?

A: To rent or buy a 35 ton mobile crane. You can contact a reputable equipment rental or sales company that specializes in heavy equipment. They can help you choose the right model for your needs. And provide you with the necessary training and support to operate the crane safely and efficiently.


Radius (m) ON OUTRIGGERS FULLY EXTENDED,360̊ ROTATION 10(m) 15.25(m) 20.5(m) 25.75(m) 31(m) lifting(kg) lifting(kg) lifting(kg) lifting(kg) lifting(kg) 3 35000 3.5 30000 20000 4 28000 20000 16000 4.5 24500 20000 15000 11800 5 21500 19000 14000 11200 8800 5.5 17700 17500 13100 10400 8500 6 15000 15500 12300 9700 8200 6.5 12900 13400 11500 9100 7800 7 11200 11750 10800 8500 7200 8 9300 9530 7600 6400 9 7600 7800 6800 5800 10 6330 6530 6100 5300 11 5350 5550 5500 4900 12 4770 4880 4500 14 3610 3720 3790 16 2780 2890 2960 18 2170 2270 2340 20 1800 1870 22 1425 1490 24 1120 1180 26 925 Rate 10 8 6 4 4 Hook weight;280kg





Dimension parameters

Overall length



Overall width



Overall height



Axle base






Weight parameters

Dead weight in travel state



Axle load

Front axle



Rear axle



Power parameters

Engine rated output



Engine output torque



Travel parameters

Max.travel speed



Turning radius

Min.turning radius



Slewing radius at the end of turntable



Min.ground clearance



Approach angle



Departure angle



Brake distance(at 30Km/h)



Max.grade ability



Max.acceleration noise



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