XDA30 articulated dump truck

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Since non-ferrous metal mining and water conser-vancy works are of special construction environment,mining equipments are required to have excellentcross-country performance to ensure the durability inoperation. Thanks to its strong technical support, XCMGADT is dedicated to providing customers with completeconstruction solutions. By virtue of its strong power,superexcellent performance, excessively low mainte-nance cost, the product is bound to bring you higherworking efficiency and handsome return on investmen


 Size Specs Overall lengthmmm10355
Overall widthmmm3195
 Front centre wheelbasemmm4160
Rear centre wheelbasemm1700
 Wheel center distanceFront wheelmm2455
Rear wheelmm2455
 Weight SpecsTotal weight of the vehiclekg57000
Rated loadkg30000
Unladen weightkg27000
 Mass distributionUnladenTront axlekg13 500(50%)
Rear axlekg13500(509%6)
 Fully loadedTront axekg17000(3 0%6)
Rear axlekg40000(70%)
 Power SpecsEngine model/YCK11400-T300
Rated engine powerkW/rpm290/2100
Maximum engine torquelNm/rpm1900/1100-1400
Type of drive/6x6
 DrivingSpecs Maximum speedkm/h56
Minimum access circle radiusmm8600
Maximum gradient%45
 Maximum steering anglel42
Minimum ground clearancelmmm430
 Operating SpecsLoading heightmm2975
Lifting times12
Lifing angle70
Tank volumeloadingm313.6/14

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